Eczema & Half Life By Roopa Farooki

Hey Y’all As you will come to know i’ll be off on my jollies in a couple of weeks with the amazing and beautiful Miss BG. Ready and waiting to be packed into my hand luggage is the TOTALLY AMAZING Roopa Farooki’s latest book ‘Half Life’ which I am just dyyyyyying to read! Roopa is … More Eczema & Half Life By Roopa Farooki


Sometimes I wonder I have almost everything I could ask for. The best family, amazing friends (BG), a progressing career-everyday is a learning curve and wonderful colleagues, a social life fitting to a 28 year old, i’m losing weight and noticibly toning up, have an ever increasing pile of books to read, a holiday to Tunisia planned and debt … More Sometimes…

Need a Cuddle x

Hey everyone So, I am at a conference for work tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow in Stoke On Trent.. Love the place I work at and my colleagues so much and would not change them for the world! Called my friend to see if he was available to meet for a drink tomorrow but he was … More Need a Cuddle x

Tuesday Positivity

A wise person once said (I forget who) “All there is to fear is fear itself..” That is true so I say ‘Overcome your fears, stand up for what you think is right, believe in your emotions, seize the day, stay positive and everything you desire will be yours’ Mucho Love, Priya x