Carrie Bradshaw, you are definitely not a PC

Rumour has it that in the new Sex and the City film, Carrie has swapped her Mac for a PC. Could she use one?

From the cloud of gossip swirling round the second Sex and the City film (“Apparently, it’s almost as bad as the first one!” “No! But that’s impossible . . .”), comes this raindrop: thanks to fiendish efforts (cheque books?) on the part of the Hewlett-Packard marketing department, Carrie may be about to swap from a Mac to a PC.

Carrie is a professional (skirting her shoe fetish, her high-fashion look and her weird, pre-pubescent behaviour when crossed) homeworking journalist. I know nothing about anything, but I know how well suited such people are to the Apple Macintosh. Macs were invented for them: people without IT support, with no skills or office training, with very little likelihood of ever accruing any knowledge or expertise, with no backbone or basic housekeeping procedures.

I personally have a PC, because even with a Mac I needed IT support, and this IT man (my boyfriend) would only agree to work on a PC. I can tell you for no money, Mr Big doesn’t know anything about computers. He can probably find his way around a mobile for the purposes of having an affair, but he’s of exactly the generation that thinks anything that needs typing is secretarial.

Even if Carrie were to take my boyfriend (and she’s welcome to him), she would, first of all, mind that her computer no longer looked like everybody else’s. They come in fancy colours, but PCs still looks like cheap knock-offs of the Mac, like a Chloé Paddington you bought off eBay that doesn’t have the padlock. She would find the virus software incredibly vexing; she’d accidentally buy a new Norton every time she got an expiry warning and end up with five licences, overlapping (this is actually an even worse use of money than shoes. And not tax deductible!). She would covet other people’s laptops, and stop taking her HP to meetings, in case people thought she was economising (it’s not a good look, for a freelancer, doing things on the cheap).

For God’s sake, what happened to credibility? If McDonald’s asked for a Big Mac product placement deal, would they say yes to that? Well, possibly as sex toys. Not if they wanted the laydeez to actually eat one.


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