Need a Cuddle x

Hey everyone

So, I am at a conference for work tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow in Stoke On Trent.. Love the place I work at and my colleagues so much and would not change them for the world! Called my friend to see if he was available to meet for a drink tomorrow but he was not, thats a shame because he is kinda hot and a lovely person and I would have liked to have met him, but he’s not in the area so thats a shame, never mind!! Another friend/brother type text me to say he wasn’t available on Friday for shisha! Sad times! Ah well! But I do feel kind of lonely stuck in a hotel room on my own when I am away with work, it is these times I think I wish I had a boyfriend who I could call up and meet for a cuddle and some romantic chat

Anyone want to call me for a friendly chat? x

Love you xxx

Ps, I have had ‘Spicy Desi’ appreciating my blog on Twitter! Please follow them at

Mucho gracias xxxx

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