Eastern Eye Columns & Features

I write a regular column for the Award Winning Newspaper Eastern Eye. It focuses on dating, relationships, women’s issues and much more. I have also written many features and conducted interviews.

Do check out my work below:

Creating your own unique path

Interview with Priya Gopaldas from Love Island 2021


How history-making hero Herchy Boal saved animals

Put your best foot forward

Shabnam Samuel – writer – interview 

A Fractured Life – Shabnam Samuel – book review

Ready for love – dating after lockdown

Valentines day toxicity

Hope for 2021

Body positivity

The Girl and the Goddess by Nikita Gill – book review

Duty and Desire by Anju Gattani – book review

A matter of change

Indian Matchmaking – Netflix show review

The new norm of dating

Love in the time of Coronavirus

10 bloggers – how to find your unique writing voice

Stop comparing your relationship

Hello 2020

Interfaith relationships

Millennial single burnout

Things I learned this summer (2019)

Why is sex so taboo

Priya o shea interview

Start believing in love

Lyrically speaking review

Does sisterhood exist?

The Jameela Effect

Why dating apps need a zero tolerance approach

International women’s day article

All the columnists share their 2019 resolutions

Love yourself this 2019

No means no

Dating the New York way

Love beyond boundaries – Nick and Priyanka special

Fathers day special 2018

The effects of text snubbing

Getting textual

Making broken beautiful

Inspirational women 2018

2017, the best and worst year

A bad investment

Stop telling me to get married

Perfect imperfections

Travelling alone

Alone in Seville

Facing the hard truth

The effects of dating on mental health – part 1

The effects of dating on mental health – part 2

Grieving love

Bhavini Sheth – Eastern Eye interview

Anika Joshi – first ever interview

Taking a dating break

Thanks, Karan Johar

Young, free and single – the best things about being single

Anisha wedding feature page 1

Anisha wedding feature page 2

It’s just a crush

Don’t be a crazy person

Look who’s talking

The importance of online dating safety

Think before you text

Are we Spoilt for choice

Do we really get over someone?

Cheater Cheater

Idle thumb syndrome

The Sex and the City Effect

Rejection Rejection


Be true to who you are

Welcome to 2016

Goodbye 2015

Getting physical

Feel good on the inside, glow on the outside

The Benefits of Sex

The Man Experiment – Part 1

The Man Experiment – Part 2

The Cost of Love

Love Yourself

Out-growing people

50 Shades

Don’t Accept Negativity From Anyone

Leave it in the past

Normality Doesn’t Suit Me

The One That Got Away

La Porte Des Indes Cookery Class – Page 1

La Porte Des Indes Cookery Class – Page 2

Is it better to fake it than to be alone?

Read, Read, Read

Love Yourself

The Asian Complex

Look After yourself

Keep Romance Alive

Men you shouldn’t date – Part 1

Men you shouldn’t Date – Part 2

The Secret to Positivity

Shared Ambitions

Princes & Princesses

Look Who’s Talking – is the art of conversation dead?

Social Status

Out Of The Closet

Last Girl Standing – part 1

Last Girl Standing – Part 2

I’ll be there for you

Sexy Times

He loves me, he loves me not – 1

He loves me, he loves me not – 2


The power of love

Feel the music within

Be Strong and Speak Up

North South Divide

Of Fate and Destiny

Admiring From Afar

Are Women the New Men?

Giving in to Temptations

Great Expectations

Cyber Bullying

Aruna Seth interview page 1

Aruna Seth interview page 2

Around the world in18 books

Priti Menon interview & Shantaram review

Check out my previous columns here:


An Ode To Farhan Akhtar

Is It Written In The Stars?

Treat yourself and others

Keep romance alive

Friends With benefits

Going your separate ways

Variety is the spice of life

The Journey to 30

Going the distance for love

Mixed Signals

Curry Lounge Restaurant Review Nottingham

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