25 Things Women Won’t Admit They Want

What women want
What women want

Women (and men) get insecure and want certain things from their partners. Sometimes we can’t admit it but we do. I do and I know friends of mine do, I mean I hate straightening my hair so I don’t want a guy to make me straighten my hair.

So I compiled a list of things that women might be embarrassed to admit sometimes that we really do want, we’ll never admit these things but we know it’s true so men take note!

  1. Tell me I look good even when I don’t

It takes more effort for a woman to look good than a guy. A guy will get up and look hot, a woman, not as much (well, unless you look like Mila Kunis who could wear a bag and still look great) so when we’re slobbing in a jumper, leggings, wearing our glasses; tell us that we look good even if we need to brush our hair.

  1. Don’t look at other women

When we’re with you, just don’t. If you’re with your friends then that’s fine, perv away at the woman with the long legs and big tits; but not when you’re with me.

  1. Be honest

Tell me how you feel. If you just need space and it’s not because of us; tell us. If we’re annoying you or you don’t like something we’ve done; tell us. Don’t just retreat into your cave and make us feel shit.

  1. Don’t make me straighten my hair

Don’t make me straighten it if I don’t want to, even if that’s how you like it. We know you might prefer it like that but sometimes my hair just needs to be wild.

  1. Be a gentleman

Open doors, hold my bags while we shop. It’s not being old-fashioned, it is chivalry which is dying.

  1. Be nice to my friends

My friends are the family I have chosen and there is a reason I like these people, even if you don’t like them, try to. Unless you have a really, hugely legitimately valid reason – LIKE MY FRIENDS!

  1. Be nice to my family

As above. And be extra nice to my mum.

  1. Be extra-nice to my single friends

My single friends may sometimes get sad that they don’t have partners so you need to respect that. Try and set them up with your great single friends and pay attention to them. They’ll love you for this.

  1. I need to get my nails done and I need 10,500 lipsticks

I need a lot of lipsticks so just deal with it, also pay for me to get my hair and nails done when I need to (sometimes). It’s also going to take me longer to get ready than you. Deal with it.

  1. Have sex with me

Women, as much as men, have needs. Sexual ones. We want it there and then as much as men do. Make me feel sexy, tell me you want me, even if we’ve been married for 14 years have sex with me as much as you did when we first started dating. Ravage me, be spontaneous, plan dirty weekends with me and be Mr Grey x

  1. Be romantic

As with the sex thing plan romantic evenings, date nights. I’m going to do romantic stuff for you so you need to do the same.

  1. Sometimes I’m going to want to have a pint

This one is dedicated to all the girls that aren’t the ‘girliest’ sometimes we’re going to want to drink more pints than you and watch rugby. Just because I’ve drank more than you or had a bigger piece of chicken at Nandos or know more about cars than you don’t take this as an attack on your masculinity. It’s just us and we still love you.

Girl pint
Girl pint
  1. Be the best version of yourself

We’re going to need you to be strong for us. We’re giving you children and putting up with your mother but you’re going to have to do the same for us. You’re going to make me a better person so we need you to strive to be the best version of who you are. Of course we’re going to support you when you’re down (and that goes back to you needing to be honest with me) but you need to be the best version of you so I can be the best me.

  1. Be there for me when I cry

I’m strong but sometimes I’ll cry, give me a hug, understand me and tell me everything will be okay. I’ll love you even more for it.

  1. If you don’t love me anymore, tell me before I get hurt

If you feel you don’t love us anymore, we want to know. Don’t pretend, don’t lead us on. One person is always going to get hurt when situations like this occur but in the long run we value your honesty and want to you be happy. We’ll be heartbroken but, in time, we’ll get over it. Then we’ll work out and get an amazing ass but then it’ll be too late muahahahahahaaaa.

Break up
Break up
  1. Be my friend

With the serious parts have fun too! Life is short and who better to spend it with than your best friend.

  1. Let me watch trash TV

I need to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it is shit, I know. Deal with it.

  1. When I’m pms’ing put up with me and buy me chocolate

As above. Lots of chocolate. And wine. And gin. And take me to see rom-coms. With popcorn. And nachos.

  1. Buy flowers

No matter what women say and whatever a man’s opinion, women like flowers. I like lilies and gerberas. Buy flowers at least once a month, they don’t have to be fancy but the gesture counts.

  1. Let me be me

Don’t change me as a person, we will appreciate this, well unless I’m really mean to people. We are who we are and that’s why you fell in love with me. If you try and change us we may resent it. If there is something you don’t like, talk to us, don’t get angry and resolve these issues like an adult.

  1. Put up with me when I want to put everything on Instagram

I love putting my dessert pictures on Instagram, or if you’ve bought me flowers and they are beautiful I want to take pictures and make my single friends feel bad. Let me do it and deal with it.

  1. Make small gestures

Love notes, a flower from the garden, stolen secret kisses and texts in the middle of the day to say you’re thinking of me or an email from work. Little things like this mean the world to us even more than grand gestures.

23. Let me eat

Let me eat a huge Nandos or roast or curry. Let me pig out – generally we will work out and be healthy but sometimes we want to stuff our faces with crap. Let us without feeling bad.


24. Spoon me

We love it. There’s no feeling waking up in the middle of the night and you’re being spooned. Just do it..

25. Tell me you love me and hold my hand

We know we can be pains in the asses. We know it and we recognise it and we’re sorry. BUT knowing you’re loved by the person you love is one of the best feelings in the world.


Ultimately we want support, love, a hug, kisses and a hand to hold. No-one will give us that so it’s up to you. We know we’re asking a lot and we know you need it too. We’ll do the same but we need it reciprocated. Stolen kisses, holding our hand in the street and just by being there for us. That’s all we want. Well, apart from all of the above. Love is everything a woman wants – tell us you love us. We’ll do the same.

A long list I know, and I’m sorry if it sounds a lot but a few small steps and we’ll love you even more.

Oh and a quick thank you to a few people of Facebook and Twitter for their input!

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