My love for Deepika Padukone

If anyone knows me they will know, well, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Indian film actress Deepika Padukone – she’s pretty but I didn’t think she would make the statement she has of late. However over the past couple of months has has completely changed for the better.

We all face tough times, we pretend to be strong but no-one knows what is going on inside of us. Whether it is work stress, heartbreak or health issues we all have to put on a brave face and embrace the world with a smile but when you’re in the public eye as much as an A-List celebrity like Deepika Padukone is, but you’re just crying from the inside, speaking out about that is hard. Recently Deepika did just that and spoke about how she faced depression and that all she wanted to do was stay in bed and cry.

Following her confession Deepika also released a short film with along with director Homi Adajania about how everyone has a choice – whether to be a size zero or a size sixteen, to wait until they’re married to have sex or not, to dress the way they want and I applaud her for this. It must be so difficult to speak out, especially the way Indian culture can be so judgmental, backwards and critical about EVERYTHING. So I wanted to share this video with you, so here it is:


Just remember that whatever you do or whatever your opinion on the video, YOU have a choice. Whether you want to speak out or not. Whether you want to lose weight or be curvy. Whether you want to show skin or not – that is YOUR choice!


Priya Mulji

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