Three Shades of Brown – web series review

Three Shades of Brown
Three Shades of Brown



Tonight (at 6pm) sees the launch of Shai Hussain’s exciting new comedy web series Three Shades of Brown. I was privileged enough to see the whole series last week at a press screening.


The series follows three guys; Nas the rude boy, Harry the coconut and Ravi the freshie who due to circumstances end up sharing a flat in London.  Before I went to see the screening I will be honest and say I wasn’t sure it was going to be my kind of thing, for starters I am not a fan of the word coconut and detest rude boys! But actually I was pleasantly surprised; the rude boy had a heart and the coconut was actually just a normal guy who isn’t too desi yet not too ‘white’. But my favourite was Ravi who is completely heartbroken as he has been dumped by a girl. Any Bollywood loving person who’s had their heart broken will identify with Ravi; the pining, the listening of sad songs and constantly waiting for them to text.


What I liked most was the script written by Shai Hussain, it was very true to how the three different Asian guys would speak and behave in real life. The direction and interaction between the characters was also very natural. As I said earlier I wasn’t a fan of the word coconut and I did think the coconut character was basically just a normal guy rather than being a coconut. Ravi, the freshie stood out as I thought he was the funniest!


For those of you who like British Asian comedy and programmes like the Inbetweeners Three Shades of Brown is a must watch!



Muzz Khan as the Rude Boy (4 Lions)

Omar Khan as the Freshie (Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani)

Navinder Bhatti as the Coconut (Amar Akbar n Tony)


Written & Directed by Shai Hussain (Writer of Cloud 9 [Zing TV], Til Jihad Do Us Part [BBC Radio 4]. Film Editor for The NRI)


Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –


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