Teardrops by Tazzz feat Rita Morar and Raxstar


In 2012 when I was jobless and looking for work in the big smoke I had the chance of meeting someone for the first time. I didn’t know then but that person would go on to become one of my best friends and we would practically be neighbours.

That person is Rita Morar.

That day, whilst sitting in Pizza Express in Farringdon, eating dough balls, Rita serenaded me with something beautiful that she had just recorded ‘Naina Lagiya Baarishan’ from Anjaana Anjaani. Personally, it wasn’t a good time for me and that song resonated with me so much.. I had lost my job, been dumped and didn’t know what was going on in my life. I was moved to tears that afternoon but today I am happy to say I am in a much better place and today is also the day that the song Teardrops, which Rita had recorded Naina Lagiya for has released. This morning the song has already reached no 1 in the world music charts on iTunes and I want it to stay there as long as possible!

Guys, please legally download this song, it’s only 79p! Literally, what can you buy for 79p? You certainly can’t buy a coffee or even a glass of wine/beer or a litre of petrol!

Download the song here and lets give this song everything it deserves! 



Priya Mulji x

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