The difference between Your and You’re

This common mistake used in everyday language is a huge pet peeve of mine, I know I am not perfect but it absolutely irritates me when people get this wrong!

The Oxford Dictionary defines Your as – “Belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing” and this is the one that is mostly misused.

So.. here are a few examples of my own:

Your is something that belongs to you or is in reference to you for example it is NOT ‘Hope your well’ it is “Hope You’re Well” because you are saying HOPE YOU ARE WELL!

Another one – “your looking hot today” is INCORRECT and should be “you’re looking hot today” because YOU ARE LOOKING HOT TODAY.

And some more….

“Your hair looks amazing”

“Your flowers smell lovely”

“Your menu for dinner is making my mouth water”

You’re means YOU ARE so you would say:

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world”

“You’re going to get laid tonight”

“You’re a star”

Get it?

It’s not hard people so use the correct rules!

Priya Mulji

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