Romantic Fools – Review

Romantic Fools


Nadya Shaw Bennett

James John Bryant


Neha Jain

Written by:

Rich Orloff

Music written and performed by

James-John Bryant

Music Produced by:

James Hewitt

Graphic Design/PR:

Rutvig Vaid


Katie Gosman

“Men…it’s as if they wear a condom over their hearts.”

Last week I went to see a fabulous play at the Oxford Arms in Camden –  from the word fabulous you can tell I absolutely loved it! Nadya and James show different types of people, in different situations; ranging from caveman, to hooker to the perfect man! I don’t go to the theatre much but this had me hooked. It was engaging, liberating, well directed, well scripted, fabulously cast. The music complimented the play perfectly.

I felt like I could relate to many of the situations; the frustration that women face in daily life especially. They could have the most perfect guy but they always want more – why do we want this? We ultimately realise what we want and romantic fools shows us that is exactly what we are: Romantic Fools…

Priya Mulji

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