So I gave a speech…

Yesterday my best friend got married! It was a beautiful wedding, the only thing I was asked to do was give a speech. And I did! Some people were asking to read it so I blogged it:

Thank you everyone for being here today. It’s been a beautiful wedding and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

Now, I’m used to writing stuff for people to read but when bharti asked me to write a speech I was ready to throttle her, But Bharti, I’m doing this just for you!

Bharti and I have known each other for over a decade now, the moment when our eyes met at Northampton University our lives changed. We’ve shared many moments together – trips to North Africa and America…erm….Birmingham.

In speeches we generally tell embarrassing stories and I did think of some i.e the time we were in Tunisia and every night Bharti would get really excited to do the Boomba dance in our resort with? I have photographic evidence of this.

Then I thought no, I’m going to tell you about how lovely Bharti is.

Once when I was hungover I asked her to wipe my make up off for me; and she did.

How every valentine’s day we exchange valentines cards, normally that’s my only valentines card so it always makes me smile.

How I can not speak to her for weeks but when we do it’ll be like we spoke yesterday.

Bharti and I couldn’t be more different. She is the talker whilst I am the writer. She is an RnB diva whilst I am the rock chick. Bharti will face an argument upfront but I avoid confrontation. Bharti is the sister who tells me to ‘grow some balls’ when I am scared to do something

But then I motivate her to driver without a sat nav even though shes been driving to my house for 10 years and make sure she brushes her teeth at night. Kaushal that’s your job now…

Bharti is an extremely wonderful and caring human being and she’s found an equally fantastic life partner in the form of kaushal whom I know will look after her, respect her and never hurt her. If you do I’ll out you to the world in the press Kaushal! Beware!

I’ve written a little poem

Today is my best friends wedding

I’m so happy

A life of eternal love for them beckons

They’ll be so happy I reckon

Kaushal came today with the Band baaja baaraat

Lookin oh so sharp

Bharti was dressed immaculately in her dulhan ka joda with a romantic gleam in her eyes

Knowing today was going to change her life

Let us make a little wish in our hearts

That the warmth we see between them today never parts

That Bharti and Kaushal you’ll be this much in love today, tomorrow… forever

I wish Bharti and Kaushal a lifetime of happiness, lots of babies, fun holidays, health, prosperity and most of all.. eternal love.

Lets raise our glasses to Bharti and Kaushal ! enjoy the rest of your evening…..It’s time for me to get drunk!

Priya Mulji

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One thought on “So I gave a speech…

  1. You don’t do any favours do you at a friend’s wedding. Talking about hangovers and wanting to get drunk. Any single man or a mother who’s son is looking for a wife will have been turned right off!

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