Attention Seeking

Most time in my life I love doing stuff for others, for people that know me well will stand up and say that I cannot say no to anyone. Call it attention seeking or whatever you may but what happens when that time comes when I want someone to do something nice for me? Not for any reason other than to make me smile. We all work hard and we all have bills to pay but sometimes just do something to make a girl, guy, friend or family member in your life smile. Something, that you may not normally do. I’m not saying big extraordinary things; you don’t need to write poetry, you don’t need to send flowers – just do something they like to make them smile to show you care… you will know what you need to do.

Just do it.


Priya Mulji

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One thought on “Attention Seeking

  1. Yes but if someone attention seeks it really is the worst thing ever. I hate giving attention to anyone that looks for it. You have to realise if you want attention then you have to give the person time to miss you, stop badgering them with what you like etc

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