One Minute With Kiran Kaur Gill

I came across the lovely Kiran on Twitter and we’ve since developed a bond. Kiran talk love, cinema and domestic violence in her one minute with me.

Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur

The best joke you’ve ever heard?

Well, can’t think of one right now so I don’t think I’ve heard the best one yet! haha

Salted or sweet popcorn?

Definitely Sweet until I went to Cinemas with a dear friend last year, and he looked at me like I was crazy for choosing sweet, – We took Salted – I am a new fan of both haha!

Corrie or Eastenders?

Definitely Eastenders –


Define Love…

Love is unconditional, but my definitions have changed over the years. Whatever love is, it conquers all – well that’s what my tattoo says. I will always believe it. (this relates to family, friends, people in your life who have left a footprint )

The first thing you do in the morning

Check my phone! I feel like I may have missed something in the world – yes even overnight?! You never know!


The last movie you watched?

WE – currently in the cinemas, absolutely amazing film – Directed by Madonna – definitely think everyone should check it out. Especially if you appreciate that era!

 Is there a charity/cause you support?

Yes, I’m very passionate about supporting women flee domestic violence. One day I hope to set up my own charity to support women, children and men suffering domestic violence.

Why do you support this charity/cause?

I studied social work at university, I’ve worked with women and families and seen the consequences and sadly, many deaths. I have also seen firsthand what the effects of domestic violence do to children

How do you get involved with them?

Just get yourself out there to events and keep up to date online. I worked for a women’s refuge last year and that was an eye opening experience for me. Unfortunately not all Charities out there have service users as a number one priority.

How can people reading this get involved?

Be aware of domestic violence, the signs and the help there is out there. As I mentioned one day, I would like to set up my own charity to support women and children suffering domestic violence. The affects are devastating. I would like to do more work with women who are brought from abroad and then end up the victims of horrific violence because that’s definitely on the rise. As time goes on and the world goes further in to debt, more and more services are being cut that are vital lifelines to women fleeing domestic violence. It’s literally a matter of life or death. Unfortunately, Domestic Violence doesn’t seem high enough up the agenda for our Government.

Whats next for Kiran?

Watch this space – I will be starting a blog soon 🙂

How can my readers get in touch with you?

Tweet me –!/dolcevitta999

Facebook me – I love to talk to people –

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