One Minute With Jesal

Here is my first One Minute with as a 30 year old! With the fab musican Jesal…..a Hip Hop MC & Producer, DJ, owner of and music critic for

Your first concert 

Michael Jackson at Wembley Stadium. Needless to say, he was amazing.

Your favourite concert

Lupe Fiasco at Somerset House. He is a great showman that connects with fans brilliantly.

Your ideal woman

Ideal woman = strong, sexy, supportive and successful.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. I never used to drink it up until 2 years ago. It’s awesome.

Love or career?

Definitely love. No contest!

What do you do?

I sell my body for food. That’s why I’m so thin.

Jesal Picture
Jesal Picture

What made you want to pursue music?

Music has always been my mistress, so it was a natural progression from listening as a fan to playing as a DJ, creating as an MC/producer and finally writing about it as a critic for

Favourite piece of music

My favourite album is “Illmatic” by Nas – it’s pure genius.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

And why? – I recently went aroundSouth Americafor 9 weeks, and listened to the biography of Steve Jobs on the endless buses/planes. It was fascinating, and he’s a genuine (albeit recent) inspiration. His pursuit of perfection is admirable, even if his methods were often questionable.Where else would you find a video of a rap song named after a critically-acclaimed 900 page novel by a dead Chilean author?

You can follow Jesal on Twitter

Or check out his youtube channel

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