Last day of being 29 at Bravissimo Nottingham

So, today is my last day as a 29 year old. It’s been a nice day and I’ve spent it with the best person I know. Me! Haha! I’ve had a fabulous day, let me tell you all about it.

This morning I did a spot of modelling. A lady from Nottinghams local paper The Nottingham Evening Post was looking for a ‘well-endowed’ lady to pose in some Bravissimo clothing items for a feature for the magazine which comes out on Saturdays in the paper. I thought it’d be fun so I volunteered! Now, don’t be alarmed I was not posing in any lingerie; it was actually their Pepperberry brand. They tailor clothes like shirts, dresses and blouses for the curvier, busty woman. So I went along to Bravissimo this morning and met Riah and Gemma the photographer (I think that was her name) we went into the store and were assisted by the lovely and stunning Lauren. she picked out some lovely outfits, I discovered I was a balanced or Hour Glass body shape.

For the pictures I posed in a lovely tailored work suit. As I hate my boobs but love my legs I wore a lovely beige pencil skirt and a tailored white blouse (that I purchased for my new job) with my fave nude heels. Then afterwards I went for a completely glammed up look with a bright pink and orange V-Neck dress with some Moda in Pelle black patent leather heels. They gave me a gift of this dress which was absolutely lovely! Here is the Link to the dress.

We got some lovely shots and the feature will be in the magazine in a few weeks.

For the rest of the day I mooched around town, had lunch in Costa and went Indian jewellery shopping with mother.

It’s been a nice day and I’m going to start getting emotional so a few vino’s tonight I think!


Priya x

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