One Minute with Maunika @CookInACurry

My next One Minute is with the extremely talented private chef and food writer Maunika Gowardhan. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne I am eagerly awaiting an opportunity to taste her food! For now a one minute with will have to do!

Coffee or tea?

Adrakwali Chai/ Ginger Masala Tea

Chips or roast potatoes?

Roasties of course! Coated in semolina, roasted in fat, crisp to perfection!

Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif?


Tell us a secret…

If I wasn’t a private chef/ Indian food writer I’d be a baker just for my sheer love (more like obsession!) for cakes & patisseries

You have a fab blog which features delicious recipes; what was your inspiration to start that?

My inspiration comes from the food I cook, growing up in India watching my mum cook some fantastic food for us that was fresh, simple and in every which way defied the stereotypical “curry” tag Indian food has in the West. Also experiencing the flavours across India in Mumbai, Delhi, Madras, Bengal and Goa during my travels when I was younger; which helps me appreciate the gamut that Indian food covers.

Share your favourite recipe with us

Too many! Though my recent post on Sour Mango Spicy Prawn Curry is very moreish; with a tang from the raw mango & moist juicy king prawns

What is the most unusual ingredient you have cooked with?

Ratan Jot; also known as Alkanet Root its commonly used in Kashmiri cooking for the colour it lends to the dishes.

Which food gives you the most pleasure?

Coastal cooking especially making my grandmother’s recipe for a crab curry. Also meat with spices. I’m an utter carnivore!

Your biggest inspiration in life?

A long list of very talented Indian chefs.

So what is next for Maunika…?

The world is my oyster! Though I take it a day at a time; I love & enjoy every aspect of the work I do.


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Check out the tastilicious recipe

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