One Minute With Kay Mankoo of Urban Bindi

When you meet someone who you instantly get on with, it’s great! Kay is one of those people. He (and I have no idea why!) has a slight obsession with my pins. Check out his One Minute With…

Salted or sweet popcorn?


Joey or Ross from Friends?

This is a tough one, as I’m a bit of both.  However, I think Ross edges it..

Sex, drugs or rock and roll?

Can’t I have Sex, Rock and Roll…. 

Define Love…

That sick to your stomach feeling when you say bye to your partner after spending a weekend with them knowing you won’t see them again for another week or two.. 


An example of Kay’s artwork..


First thing you do in the morning

Big Stretch

Is there anything that you’re jealous of?

Not really, unless I see a kid driving a Ferrari.  That really winds me up.  Funny thing, I know a kid who drives a Ferrari.

The best date you ever went on?

Easy one, the most recent ex girlfriend.  It wasn’t really a date, but it might as well have been, seeing that I spent 3 years with this person straight after the date.   A night out in Soho, people watching in a bar, and making fun of the ridiculous outfits some people were wearing including one girl in a shower curtain!  Ended the night by getting a rickshaw ride back to my car, with my arm around her, keeping her warm.  Being the total gent, I drove her back to her hotel, and bid her good night.  The reason why it was the best date, because she always remembered that night, and mentioned me being such a gent from that day forwards. – Fond Memories..

Red or white wine?

Easy, White.


The man himself..


What gave you the idea for Urban Bindi?

Urban Bindi is the name of my design business.  It came from an amalgamation of my urban upbringing, and my artistic influences along with my cultural background.  The bindi part comes from my Indian/Punjabi culture.  When a woman get’s ready in her traditional Indian outfit, she’ll usually finish off with a bindi on her forehead.  For me this symbolises a ‘full stop’ and an end to her statement which clearly says “I am beautiful”.  The bindi when looked at in detail is also a miniature piece of artwork, from simple red dots, to fully blown ornate designs.  This relates well to my work, which is simple, creative and over all an eye catching statement.

Sell your Urban Bindi to us in 30 words or less

Skill-full, creative, knowledgeable in my field and well versed and adaptable in forever changing design standards and technology.  I’m also experienced with over 10 years in the industry.

Thank you Kay for your time and I wish you and Urban Bindi all the very best in the future.

The website will be coming soon so watch this space! In the meantime follow Kay on Twitter

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