One Minute With Katy

A One Minute With I have reeeeallly been looking forward to! It is with Katy who writes one of my favourite blogs around: Sweetness and Life. Sassy, sophisticated and sexy Katy is from London who is negotiating the dating scene just like many of just but shares her experiences in a extremely witty but realistic way. Enjoy!

Katy Sweetness and Life
Katy Sweetness and Life

What outfit/hairdo/situation makes you feel sexiest?

I feel sexiest when I’m fit. I can have my hair tied back with no make-up on but if I feel toned and polished I can take on the world. A good blow dry and killer pair of heels don’t hurt either. Situation? somewhere hot and fun, I’ll take a beach bar inBaliwith a Lychee martini in hand and some sexy beats going on in the background if you please!
The best date you’ve ever had?

Lunch at Sketch in London, which not only was the most exquisite food I’d ever tasted (including deer, fois gras, lobster, scallops, 6 types of desserts and 8 different wines!) but also lasting until 1am because the company was so good, chemistry and Cristal champagne, perfection!


Any weird crushes?

Hundreds! I am famed for my bizarre taste in men. I like em’ old for a start, and a bit rough round the edges. Robbie Coltrane, Peter Falk, Brian Ferry, Piers Morgan, Prince Andrew to name but a few.


If someone was to play you in a movie who would it be?

I would like it to be someone gorgeous, confident and sexy like Demi Moore (pre-Ashton break-up, poor love) Catherine Zeta Jones or Penelope Cruz but realistically I’d be a mini series on ITV starring Suranne Jones or Carla formCoronation Street. I could live with that.

Love is……

Impossibly delicious and deliciously impossible.

Chips or Roast Potatoes?

Chips every time and drowned in vinegar.

And finally; sell your blog to us in 30 words or less.

Your mother warned you about blogs like these.


Priya Mulji

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