ControverShil – One Minute With

My new One Minute With is with Sexual behaviorist, published researcher and author of:

I think this one does all the talking for itself!


Coffee or Tea? 


Sex, drugs or rock and roll? 

Sex, drugs, and Lee Burridge

Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif? 


Define Love… 

“Attachment theory”…google scholar it.

First thing you do in the morning

Feed my pussy.

Is there anything that you’re jealous of? 

When people hang out without me.

The best date you ever went on? 

What’s a “date”?

Red or white wine? 


What gave you the idea for the Controvershil blog? 

Talk of “sex” is repressed in our society.  I want to revitalize the topic and show people that its okay to talk about it, have it, experience it, etc.  There’s a reason we were all created in the first place, right?  Not to mention I have a graduate degree in human sexuality 😉

Sell your blog to us in 30 words or less.. 

It’s sex; what more do you need for a sell?


One of my fave One Minute With’s – hope you enjoyed as much as I did… 😉


Priya Mulji

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