One Minute With Varun, Nikesh and Ronak

Continuing with the one minute with series I have come up with an interesting twist on the idea. I posed the same ten questions to three guys:

Varun Khanna



Nikesh Ashar


and Ronak Kataria


I’m sure you will agree with me that these were fairly interesting answers!


Your ideal woman:


R – One with a mute button for when you watch a movie ‘What’s he doing?’ I don’t effing know it’s just started.


V – Big eyes, soothing voice, comforting and has to make me laugh……as well as laughing at my terrible attempts at comedy.


N – Priyanka Chopra, especially in Krrish.


Your favourite part of a woman’s body is? 


R – Lips & eyes


V – Boobs……they rule! Preferably perky!


N – Just below her ear, on her neck! Guaranteed Goosebumps.


On a woman: glasses – sexy or not? 

R – Depends what else she is wearing


V – I’ve had a thing for girls with glasses. Very very sexy. Oozes intelligence and plays into the secretary fantasy (!)


N – Sexy or not? – Very sexy, but that is probably because I wear glasses myself and there is probably some psychological reasoning behind it!


Curly or wavy hair on a woman? 


R – Eh? All I know women with straight hair curl their hair and women with curly straighten     it. Who says they are never happy


V – Curly hair….especially on Indian girls. It suits them to a tee but you don’t see many ladies with that particular style


N – Has to be wavy and with some volume. Not a fan of gel in hair, even I try to avoid using it.


Define Love for yourself…


R – When you actually take time and listen to what a womAn is saying.

V – Love is that feeling towards another human being whom you cannot simply do without. It cannot exist without that person feeling the same way about you (which in itself is an amazing feeling).

N – Waking up with a smile on your face, next to the person who matters the most to you. Nothing like spending the day with them, eating, laughing and having a good time.


Jude Law or Robert Downey Jr?


R – To do what with? Hang out for a beer and attack some bad guys,Downey.


V -DowneyJr….rugged good looks, can rock the stubble. For some reason, I think he would be a better lover than Jude law too. More of a man….. Wait, I’ve said too much!


N – Robert Downey Jr. The action hero brought out the better actor in him. Sherlock Holmes, The Avengers, just making him better and better


Who’s hotter: Katrina Kaif or Priyanka Chopra? 


R – Priyanka, though if me and her had kids, id have my features.


V – Priyanka Chopra. Stunning features….big eyes and lips. Her raspy voice also gets big thumbs up!


N – See question 1! There is no question of a doubt that Miss World 2000, Priyanka, is the most beautiful woman on the planet.


Coffee or Tea? 


R – Coffee, tea is for old ladies and those pretending they are trying some sort of health kick.


V – Tea….with masala in it.


N – In the mornings it’s definitely a double espresso. After that I prefer my Lemon and Ginger tea from Holland & Barrett.  (I only go there because my office is above it)


Your favourite Pizza topping is?  


R None, keep it plain, why complicate things, people like complications.


V – Pepperoni…..No…..double pepperoni.


N – Cheese. I eat a lot of different types of food but nothing beats a good magherita pizza. I had a pizza with cheese under the sauce once which was something different.



How would your friends describe you? 


R – Annoying, Intelligent, Flirt, Nice, Funny, likes an argument, Oh and cocky, I don’t see that one.

V – Loyal (stupidly loyal at times), Talks too much, Sexy smiler, Hilariously clumsy (I walked into and knocked down my own wing mirror while laughing at a friend who has fallen over 10 seconds before) and Inappropriate.


N – Caring, demanding, perfectionist and a go to guy for anything travel or tech related and all round adventurist!


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