30 Things About Me

The hashtag #30ThingsAboutMe has been trending on Twitter for the last few days and yesterday I posted on Twitter ’30 Things About Me’ – I thought I would share those 30 things with you guys:

  1. I’ve never had a Valentines Day date
  2. Having a Valentines Day Date is on my list of things to do before I am 30
  3. It’s my 30th birthday on 27th march
  4. I love crisps
  5. I’m 5 ft 5
  6. I’m a size 12
  7. I want to find a nice guy, live with him, want him to propose, get married and live happily ever after x
  8. A night in is more appealing than a night out x
  9. I get jealous so easily x
  10. I wish I could be more easy going, less of a mess when it comes to men x
  11. I wish I didn’t have eczema
  12. I love Bollywood and rock music
  13. I see a lot of ‘men I’ve loved’ in my dreams x
  14. Lamhe was the first Hindi film I saw in the cinema
  15. It’s my dream to be in an item number
  16. I want a friends with benefits situation and then he falls in love with me and we live happily ever after
  17. I wish I was prettier, and skinnier….and taller
  18. I fall in love way too easily
  19. If it wasn’t for my column for Eastern Eye I’d be COMPLETELY even more insane
  20. I would never buy a kindle I prefer actual books
  21. I kind of have a girl crush on@zooeydeschanel
  22. I want a book published one day
  23. I want to be able to pull off a red strapless dress one day a la @katy_red
  24. I’m a sucker for celebrity endorsement
  25. I fancy a couple of people I tweet – (well from their pics)
  26. I work for one of theUK’s largest car retailers
  27. I love porn star martinis
  28. Shantaram is my favourite book
  29. I wish I could write all day
  30. And finally, I’d do anything for love x

Priya Mulji



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