The day I met Roopa Farooki.

Everyone has that one person that they want to meet, but never dream that it would happen. Well on Thursday 21st July at around 6pm my dream came true. I met my most favourite author: Roopa Farooki.

Ever since I have read ‘The way things look to me’ I have been in awe. The character of Lila resonated with me so much. When I heard that the Leicester Central Library was bringing Roopa toLeicesterI made sure I went and thanks to Farhana at the The Asian Writer I got a ticket.

Running across town from the High Cross shopping centre afraid that I was going to be late I made it in time and nabbed a seat in the front row and stared in amazement when the lovely Roopa when she walked in. To my absolute astonishment she recognised me immediately! ‘Are you Priya?’ She Asked. Erm, Yes, I said startled!  Me? Little old Priya – how the hell!!!!!???? Roopa had read my blog when I had featured her in my women of substance list and which I had posted on her Facebook page. I nearly burst into tears; my favourite author had read my blog! Roopa even remembered when I had text into Nikki Bedi’s show.

The small group of people got to hear Roopa tell us about herself and her life. Read a chapter from her latest book Half Life and we got to ask her Questions. I asked Roopa about how to get over Writers block. The advise Roopa gave was to just write and get rid of the rubbish: it’s better than not writing at all! Later on we got the chance for Roopa to sign our books: I got TWTLTM and Half Life signed.

The fact is that things like this don’t happen to me. Yes I might see people in concert but I’d never get to meet someone who’s had such an impact in my life, personally. And she recognised me and took the time to speak to me.


The evening exceeded my expectations. Thank you Leicester. Thank you Roopa.


Priya Mulji with Roopa Farooki
Priya Mulji with Roopa Farooki


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