The Library of Me

An interesting poem I came across by someone who calls himself  ‘Striped Lotus.’ I found it interesting as sometimes we do need to break away and reinvent our selves, our lives and situations to take that step forward. Let me know what you think.

The Library of Me

My mind
The library of Me
The place where every chapter is written
Left on the shelves to gather dust

Memories fade
A blessing for all that I want to forget
Tainted by the fact that it’s all still there

The happy times go before you realise
It all goes to black
A spiralling bottomless pit with slippery sides

Caged in the pit
Looking for the way out

Where’s the window
The light
The sun
The breeze
The sky

Where can I…
Open my eyes and see
Open the door and run
Breathe in and live
Speak and be heard
To break this non-existence
To break out of the cage…

To break out of Me.

Priya Mulji

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2 thoughts on “The Library of Me

  1. The final few lines are a beautiful crescendo. Loneliness in a world of pairs. Wonder if it will ever happen. Really sad face.

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