The Kiss Goodbye – By Sun Slimstone

A Lovely poem by my friend Sun Slimstone.

“So that’s it then, have a nice life.

Before we part ways…we just lock lips.
The most natural thing to do.
Concentrate and remember this well,
remember the touch, taste and smell.
But never tasted tears in a kiss before.
From cherry lips gloss to tears is raw.
Almost salty like the sea’s water.
She forgets the kiss that I taught her.

The most lasting impression this kiss will leave,
it doesnt soothe or relieve
any of the bitterness that inside I feel.

My senses become heightened
and I’m a sponge to my surrounds,
can hear people walking by in their normal day.
Will be a while until I have a normal day,
not until memories of this kiss begin to fade.

Seems like an age as we pull away,
eyes remain closed as we turn away.
No words are needed after the kiss goodbye.”


You can visit Sunny’s blog here



Priya Mulji 

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