Letter to a boy

This is a poem I found which I had written a while ago. I had written it about so many women I know who have people from the past making their presence randomly felt in their everyday lives, sometimes you need to just say goodbye.

This is a letter to a boy.

I am now marrying another, his name is called Jay.

Two years ago when I loved you.

Never loving me back,

You kept me strategically placed.

I was there; your ‘just in case.’

You had an image in your head: of a girl who had a lot of Bollywood glamour.

Who has an ass like Rihanna.

But that wasn’t me.

Never would be.

I’m one of the boys.

I like a beer.

Spiders; I don’t fear.

But you randomly keep in touch.

I wish you, all the luck

But I now need you go away…

Never come back another day………

Priya Mulji

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