Orange Update

So if you remember my BAD experience with Orange when I got my Android phone stating that I was using ALOT more data than included in my package. They changed my phone and everything seemed to be fine? Well, think again!

Just a further update. Got a new BB Bold 9780 and its working wonderfully.


I was checking my bill at the weekend and it stated I am using more that my included data allowance. I had used £6+ what I should have had included, I thought it might be just carried over from last bill. So I callOrangeand a girl (who didn’t really sound like she knew what she was doing) said that I hadn’t used much more so not to worry. So I didn’t but then I was worried because she didn’t really sound like she had a clue so on Saturday eve I tweet Orange and they say someone will get back to me Tuesday.

It is now Thursday. I check my bill and now it states I’ve used £9+ extra data. So I tweetOrangeagain and have been told someone will call me today. That was over an hour ago.

Lets see what they say!

Ok so the lady called me, I have something which is running in the background and is charging me £1 a day. What? They cannot tell. So I have been asked to delete Facebook, whatsapp and Twitter for 24hrs and they will monitor.

BUT what’s the point of having a smartphone if you cannot check your social feeds?

I’m not being dishonest about anything. They can stay with me for a year and watch me use my phone and if it hasn’t ever in the past been this much how can it suddenly ever since I have had my last two phones I appear to be using more data.






Oh and I have just emailed ofcom!

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4 thoughts on “Orange Update

    1. Let me tell you, for the many years I had my old BB I used about 120mb data a month and only used 180 even when was in India. when I got my android I apparently used 4k! its continued on my bb, not sure how much i have used but somethings charging me £1 a day.

      1. Maybe you sould check your terms of agreement. I think if you don’t have a data package or if you go over your data limit most if not all providers will charge you £1 per day for any amount of data used.

        Maybe you should up your data package.

        Don’t know how it works on the Blackberry but on Andorid if you have Widgets such as Facebook and Twitter. They will update in the background i.e when you are not using them. Check your settings to see the refresh interval. Also get yourself an app which will monitor your data usage, you should be able to set up a monthly limit. If you get close to the limit then it will let you know.

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