My chat with Purru Raaj Kumar

Bal Brahmchari. You must all remember that movie. It marked the debut of the HOT Purru Raaj Kumar. The actor who is the son of the late but still so legendary actor Raaj Kumar. I recently had a chat with this wonderful man who is in the UK for the Asian Music Awards (Girls,  I know you are getting very jealous so you can stop drooling now).

Purru Raaj Kumar Priya's Blog
Purru Raaj Kumar Priya's Blog

Purru has recently been seen in Veer, Umrao Jaan and Mission Kashmir but I was eager to know how the son of such a legend balances his day to day life with his responsibilities, what he likes to do in his spare time and his future projects so here is the chat we had.

How seriously do you take journalists?

Depends, on the journalist. There are the good ones and the not so good ones, depends on who you are speaking to.

Growing up, who would you say have been your biggest inspiration in terms of career and then in your personal life?

My parents were an inspiration to me in every way.

How do you feel about the media? Do you think they have portrayed an incorrect image of you? Do you feel that the media and the public do not understand the real Purru?

Uff! It has grown and HOW. I don’t think they have portrayed a correct one . Partly my fault; would say that for sure. It’s true they don’t understand me; partly my fault and partly not. I’m not seen much in media space as much as I should. It would be fun to know and interact with the readers to see how they feel about me.

All the star sons are being protected; do you feel you have to be extra careful in your career as your father isn’t around?

It is true but in my opinion one has to be as careful as possible whether you are protected or not. Eventually we leave it in the hands of the director and audience.

Do you still feel you are being constantly compared with your father?

Thankfully it has become less and less after each passing year and every film I do. One of the bigger reasons to break a mould. The joke is most actors have trouble being typecast I on the other hand gets cast against type… 🙂

It is believed social networking is a major part of promoting yourself. Do you use Twitter or Facebook much? What do you think are the pro’s and con’s of such sites?

I’m told i’m stuck in the dark ages of the IT world. Nah, seriously micro blogging is fine just that a lot of people tend to get addicted . I sooooo seriously don’t want to tell everyone, everything everyday every minute and the same with Facebook. But my new year resolution is something like this. This year Purru will  join Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and start using his Blackberry! FINALLLLLYYYY!!!!! 🙂

Alot of young people have a strong desire to work within the Bollywood industry but due to various circumstances are unable to take their passions forward. E.g. Family support, pressure to go down  ‘traditional’ career paths, finances, location or peer encouragement. What advice would you give them?

Follow your heart. It might not make you money but at least you will be happy…

Do you have any regrets? Any unfulfilled desires? Do you have a network of friends that support you?

Regrets are too few to mention and i’m blessed with a great support from my family and 5 friends

Purru Raaj Kumar Umrao Jaan
Purru Raaj Kumar Umrao Jaan


So they were the serious questions now for the fun stuff:

Run us through a typical day in the life of Purru Raaj Kumar

If I’m not shooting –which are all kinds of crazy hours the day begins with horse riding, or gym or coffee. Then the first half is dedicated to family stuff; for example go talk to mum and.see what she has in mind to do for the day, if there’s nothing make up a happy plan for her to see she doesn’t get too bored on the real estate stuff. Then company work. The second half is dedicated to films – like meeting writers or directors and then chilling with friends. 

If there was a role you could have done yourself what would it have been. It could be Bollywood or Hollywood?

Pirates of Caribbean for sure. I mean there a lot of them; Donnie Brasco, Ps I love you (mushy I know but it was such a beautiful thought) Notting Hill and Love Actually. In Bollywood Don and Kal Ho Na Ho.

To date; which is your personal favourite performance and why?

Tough to say actually. Maybe Mission Kashmir or Veer? Maybe LOC or  Umrao Jaan. It’s like a mother choosing her baby. Which is best? I dunno – let the readers decide.

If there was anyone you could work with whom would it be?

If actors then Abhay Deol, Ajay Devgan or Salman Bhai again. Directors? Lots of them..wait ..ALL of them lol!

  Which four words would your friends or family use to describe you?

Maybe naughty, bratty, honest, big hearted. Maybe immature.

Does music inspire you at all and who are your favourite bands?

Pink floyd, Metallica and Chicane 

What is the worst chat up line you have ever used/had used on you?

Great legs ,what time do they open and my room or yours

Who would play you in a movie?

How about just me??

What are your all time favourite movies?

 Pakeezah, Bulandi and Waqt (Dad’s films)
And finally, you were last seen in the movie Veer. What was Purru got planned for the future? Can you tell us about any future projects or ventures? We hear you’re attending Our Music awards?

Going through 5 scripts  so fingers crossed. I am hoping to get my company on line. Yup, looking forward to the Ama’s. It is exciting to know what’s up and new with the Asian music scene in the UK.

I would like to thank Purru for being so lovely and giving me so much of his time. I wish this lovely guy all the best with all of his future projects and look forward to seeing him at the AMA’s.

Lets end on this note..

“Follow your heart. It might not make you money but at least you will be happy…”

Priya Mulji…x

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