Amelia’s Diary

I am a hopeless romantic. Therefore I have decided to weave a web. This web will centre around a story. It will consist (all fictionally) of people, places, situations, guest appearances and it may even have a happy ending. I will continue the story over a period of time and may even make up a nice Valentines Day related situation for it.

So, here goes:

Once upon a time………………I, Amelia Kumar, had just had my heartbroken. After a span of many dinners, drinks and loooong lovely chats a guy had told me ‘he didn’t feel we had a future together’. So I was totally fine because we had agreed we would make better friends than lurrrvers. Obviously I didn’t really think that and as I sat in my tiny studio flat in Derby intoxicated by wine, face drenched with tears, hating my my job decided to take a step and move to the big smoke of London.

Here I was living in South London. I was a late comer to London, most make the move when they are in their early twenties or after university for better job prospects but here I am at the grand old age of 30 living with a guy who I used to have the biggest, baddest crush on about 12 years ago. He had moved here about 7 years ago and had a spare room going. A tiny room but cheap rent and in a sought after area so I had taken the room.

I had my apprehensions before I had taken the room. He had never liked me so there was no chance that anything would ever happen but what if I fell in love with him again? What if a drunken night on the tiles led to a night of passion? What if he saw me naked when I was coming out of the shower and was repulsed by the sight of me and chucked me out of the house because he didn’t want a fat, ugly bird living with him? Or maybe thats why he had let me move in so when he bought his amazingly stunning girlfriend round she wouldn’t be jealous that he was living with a fat, ugly bird. Luckily George did have a girlfriend who I thought I would just keep myself locked in my room, away from sight and out of mind and not harbour any feelings that may develop and seeing as I was the victim of a broken heart it would be easy. Bottles of Merlot and tubes of Pringles would be my accompaniment at the weekends and my new job at a American electronics firm would take up all of my time during the week.

He had been really sweet and helped me move all my junk in, given me alot of wardrobe space and even cooked me dinner. Pasta. Full of carbs. But it was still dinner. I started to worry. Oh myyy what had a I got myself into? George was hot! A swimmer. He had an amazing body and when I say amazing he is 6 ft 1, has a super lean and toned chest, still had a slight yorkshire twang, sexy bum, legs, eyes….. droooool! “Ok, get with it Amelia” I thought. I excused myself and went to my room to get ready for my new job. He had asked if he could help with anything or whether I wanted to watch a dvd with him and eat cheese and crackers. I indulged in some cheese, crackers and wine but had to pry myself away after the 3rd glass and lots of laughs.

Things were going to be very interesting in the months to come.

To be continued….x

Priya Mulji…x

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