Across The Pond

Not sure if you saw a comment the poet Sun Slimstone made on the Valentines post but he has written a lovely poem called ‘Across The Pond’ especially for my blog. He doesn’t know it but I cant relate to it more than anyone knowes, I am going to keep the reasons why to myself. Just have a  read.

Love makes an ocean seem like a pond,
From far away we think of each other,
And the fondness grows just like our bond,
So the journey begins…. i’m coming my lover.

Two minds entwined, I know how you think,
cannot be wrong, as I know you so well,
I grow as I near you, my boat cannot sink,
No storm can stop me, no a chance in hell.

My mind starts to wonder, is this a mistake?
Right now you’re a dream created by me,
You could be fake, How much hurt can I take?
Born far apart, meant to be distanced by seas.

Too late to turn back, this journey must be
I need to find out, can’t live with regret,
Risking it all, dont even like your country,
But since we have met, you make me forget.

Why i did I worry you’re as great as i thought,
So cross the ponds and follow your hearts,
Thoughts of our future made the journey so short,
create something special and exceed the sums of your parts.

Priya Mulji…x

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