He Said

When I was a teen I used to write a lot of poetry, as I grew up I still wrote but not as much. I just wanted to share something with you. Tell me what you think:

“He said I’m beautiful

He said I’m kind hearted

He said I’m a free spirit

He’s not you

I can’t tell you how I feel

But I want you to know the feelings are so real

Amazing things could happen

Just come to me and listen

Here I am writing you a love song

Kinda wondering if I’ll ever be able to sing it to you

Kinda wondering if you will ever hear the words

You make me smile

From the inside

No one understands me

Like you do

Take my hand and hold me tight

You’ll never be alone

Just hear my words

Wondering all day long

Wondering all day and singing this song

Until then I’ll just sing the words to myself, wishing it was you that

Said I was beautiful

You that said I’m kind hearted

You that said I’m a free spirit

You that said……you loved me

I Wish”


Priya Mulji…x

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6 thoughts on “He Said

  1. I think its very good. Touching. You should contribute to my project. I’m bringing together desi (women) poets, story tellers, etc. for a compilation we’re hoping to publish (not for profit). You would be welcome to participate Priya.

  2. Rohini I would love to! let me know details

    Sun – def, I wrote this when I was younger so who knowes what I was feeling but yeah I have been there and ot the t shirt of not being able to tell someone how you feel. Best thing is to tell them…it can only go two ways right? x

  3. Sun- the world is a bit sexist to the detriment of women. I think the world can suffer a women’s compilation, don’t you? Women have plenty of quality to offer.

  4. Women have the most quality to offer the world but women aren’t the only ones who feel emotion and suffer repression. No need to feel hard done by in this day and age.

    But a womens only compilation would be v inciteful and I would love to read it.

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