Uphill Struggle

Do you sometimes think that the saying ‘fighting an uphill battle’ rings true in so many ways and different parts of your life?

I know I am a perpetual moaner and ‘things don’t always go my way’ but then who has everything easy?

But sometimes do you just wish, that just for once,  you didn’t have to fight for everything.

I have never had anything fall into my lap. I always have to work hard for the career I want to succeed in, fighting to do what I am good at, enjoy and get ahead. Love has never come easily for me and I have been single for a very, very, very, very, very long time. Whenever I do like someone it never appears to be reciprocated or if it seems to be going in the right direction something just stops it from progressing. Weight loss for me is a big issue too, I am not a naturally slim person so I have to work hard to stop myself getting massive, i’m not and never will be skinny but there is curvy and then there is obese. Money is another thing that I struggle with and face a continuous battle with the bank balance.

Writing is the probably the only thing that comes naturally hence me having a blog I suppose just to keep me sane. I would be really disappointed if I fell in love  with someone who didn’t understand my passion or if I didn’t have friends who supported me which I luckily do (BG x)

I just wanted to say that we can’t let these things get us down. Even though we feel we may be fighting to get ahead at work and wondering whether it is worth it? Or continuously having our hearts broken and swearing off men or women is not the answer. Lets work around this, smile together and be happy.

Maybe this Valentines Day I will get asked out by a inspiring, glasses wearing man. Who without me having to chase them will ask me, Priya Mulji, out and I will have my first ever Valentines Day date at the age of 28 x

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5 thoughts on “Uphill Struggle

  1. Priya,
    I so know what you mean. My love life is a continual source of pain. I sometimes feel like maybe I don’t deserve love, or maybe I’m just unloveable. I don’t know the answer honestly. I’m confused, lonely and…oh well. You’re a beautiful woman Priya. The men must be mad to let you slip away. Hugs. xx

  2. Of course you deserve love Rohini… everyone deserve’s love. It is just that sometimes we have to work harder when we really want something as it is a test of life.

    Re the men.. I guess they are the mad ones… One day rohini…one day x

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