My Senses and You

One of the motto’s of my life is to ‘write my feelings’.

I have always written stories, songs, poems and general feelings. The poetry section of my writing has dwindled though. I recently came across this poem by Sun Slimstone and could really identify with it. It is called “My senses and you”. It just made m think that someone can touch you without being physically present which has happened to me many times. Its a beautiful piece of work:

“I…love…you”, and I loved you too. Your sound,
a sweet voice, excited, so happy I’ve come around.
Moans, groans and changing tones through a day,
later arguing, shouting, swearing, the good times didn’t stay.

Your Chanel perfume, I think that I can still smell,
And the over-cooked lasagne, you thought I couldn’t tell.
Left the bed but on your pillow, a scent so very intense,
that shampoo you used, strong as your porches incense.

Big warm eyes like black holes, hypnotic spirals of innocence.
A body so amazing, that she can never comprehend.
Expressions on a face, engrained so I cannot forget.
Could see you in a distance and a future, we are like we’ve just met.

The taste of your lips, your neck and your chocolate skin.
Coffee made with love and brought in, in the morning
And all the meals we shared, in all the places we dined.
Meal I have ate again but the taste I cannot find.

The softness of your skin made he satin seem so rough.
Your tender touches made my heartbeat as loud as a Kalashnikov.
Now I tread alone but with these senses I am not free.
Lying there I touched you and now you still touch me.”

Lets dedicate the above poem to anyone that has touched us in any way…physically or emotionally…

Check out more of Sun’s work on his blog:

Priya Mulji…x

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