Dare To Be Different

Before you read this you must know that I am one of the biggest Bollywood fans in the world. I challenge you to find anyone who knows more useless Bollywood trivia than I do. Ask me anything and I will probably know the answer.

When I was at school I was, apart from the girl that left in year 9, the only Asian girl in my year. There were about 3 Sikh lads in my year who I was never the best of friends with. I was pretty ugly back then. Unlike many of the ‘Asian’ people who I met at later stages of my life I wasn’t bought up in an Asian area, growing up the majority of my friends were white hence the only ‘Asian-ness’ I encountered was at home and when with cousins etc which was vast as my uncles, aunts, cousins are major bollywood/Bhangra heads.

Now, I am probably one of the BIGGEST Bollywood fans you will meet but I love rock music and have done since I was a teen. But I rarely meet fellow Asians who are Indie Boys/Rock Chicks. Actually I love allsorts of music. Currently bands/musicians I am loving are James Blake, Mumford and Sons, Katy Perry, Kasabian, Paramore, Scouting for Girls, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Temper Trap, Kings of Leon, Adele, Eliza Doolittle, Jessie J, Fake Blood, Duck Sauce, Tim Berg, Tinie Tempah, Katy B, Ellie Goulding, Mike Posner, The Wanted, Cee Lo Green so a eclectic bunch as you can see

Growing up you like the cheesy pop bands but then I loved bands such as Oasis but when I went to college the whole scene changed. I befriended a few Asian girls who were into rnb/bhangra/hiphop so I was lost for a while musically, went with the crowd and felt I conformed and the only music people knew me for was for Bollywood.

I appreciate all forms of music but should we conform to society? I have always been an individual and recently my blog was referred to as ‘alternative’ which was the biggest compliment for me ever. I have never wanted to be known as ‘that girl who is a bit different’ but it is who I am and I couldn’t change for anyone even if I wanted to. I am a Bollywood/Rock chick (recommend the movie Rock On’s soundtrack for fellow Bollywood and Rock lovers). I notice so much with the youth growing up that no one seems to stand out. They all dress the same; all want to go to that Drake concert. I have noticed that this isn’t so different for people in their 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s

Why do some people conform and not be individual? Don’t be scared to listen to something different if you want to even though all your mates are listening to one music form. Dress differently, dont be scared to dye your hair, you dont have to be skinny girls cos boys love curves, watch low budget movies, you dont have to date someone of the same caste….. Dare to be different but remain true to who you are….x

My fave Mumford and Sons song, The Cave, for you all to listen to:

Priya Mulji…x

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2 thoughts on “Dare To Be Different

  1. Wahey! ‘Alternative’, that was me 😀

    Fully agreed with you yet again dude. Don’t let labels dictate the person you are, let your choices to take care of that.

    My music taste went from Michael Jackson to Prince to Snoop Dogg to Oasis to Prodigy to AR Rahman to Rage Against The Machine to Jatin Lalit to Radiohead to Talvin Singh to Missy Elliott to Arctic Monkeys to Beardyman to DJ Shai Guy 😉

    Whoa, a lifetime of music change. Yet my fashion sense has kind of remained the same. Crazy.

  2. It was indeed, best compliment seeing as there are millions of ubiquitous blogs out there.

    The day you don’t agree with my blog post I will be worried as you make such nice comments I will be scared of the negative ones hehe 😉

    Definately eclectic taste there! What kinda music does the Shai Guy play hehe?

    I was a little peeved as got some major abuse from someone on twitter as he said I was accusing all ‘asians’ of being the same and said my song list was the top itunes top 10, I was merely sharing my experiences and what I enjoy.. clearly I am not the only one who faced such situations growing up 🙂

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