2010 – Part 1

What a whirlwind of a year…

I thought I would write my ‘review’ of 2010 mid December to make way for some more creative, romantic and festive posts when am on my Christmas break.

So the year started off with a bang… I saw 2010 enter at a bar in Manchester with BG, her sister, brother in law and more! Major hangover ensued and I began to realise I am so overrrr the party scene and did not have too many nights out this year. the few that I did have were good but I really cannot make it past 1am anymore.

I had a couple of good nights in Nottingham. Once when Bg and I went for a delicious thai and she met SV and his sister NV for the first time. Birmingham in September was NOT GOOD! Naked ladies, falling out with people and losing people in the street…not for the right reasons. I fell out with a good friend of mine through no fault of my own and I think everyone else will agree. I made the move to contact SV but there was no response from the other party so if you are by any chance reading this then do feel free to get in touch! Also lost touch with the a beautiful lady called CK who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth– where are you?


Concert wise we hd the x factor tour which was so much fun and I think Olly Murrs gave me a sly wink 😉 Ar Rahman disappointed me and was more a ‘show’ than a music concert. Shreya Ghosal sounded just like she did on the cds and you know she was singing live and not miming. Sonu Nigam was ok but didn’t sing a lot of his amazing songs (tu jahaan and suraj hua maddham) so that disappointed too. Went to see Jimmy Carr who was hilarious! ‘aye up me duck’.


Love was a very quiet year on the love front. As usual I hear you all screaming! As it was so quiet I tried a spot of Online dating. Because I know all of my friends friends, work has no eligible batchelors and I DO NOT want to be set up by my family.

Wow! And wow again. Met a lovely boy from a dating website around May time when I got back from Tunisia (read about my Tunisian adventures here). I really don’t think he is someone who reads this blog so I will share with you. I have nothing but praise for this guy and even though you never know how many women he was ‘getting to know’ he was never mean, always a gentleman, honest and attentive. Even though things didn’t work out because he ‘didn’t see things going anywhere long term’ I will always have one thing to say to him…. “Give me my Shantaram back!!!!”

I went on a couple of other dates before then and, errr, even though I acted ‘normally’ no one was ever interested in me! (ahhh yes lets get the violins out). Not really met anyone since about July. Had some messages from ‘boys’ from dating websites but fascinatingly we’d exchange a few messages and then they would just not reply after a few. Seriously. Not just once. Even recently my waxing lady gave my number to a guy we exchanged some texts he sent me a pic and I sent him one of me, then he just stopped texting me! I’m not that ugly surely?! Also met a couple of guys who, to put it politely, justwanted a bit of fun but then I have always known men like that (BT)…. Anyway so I’ve decided in 2011 enough of this online dating bullshit. I will not be renewing my membership! And no more chasing guys!

10K Run

I did my first ever charity run and I Ran 10k. Thanks soooo much to everyone that sponsored me. I raised a grand total of £410! Which was amazing as I didn’t think I’d even get to £200! I ran that with some work colleagues and finished in just under 90 mins. I ran to raise money for Cancer Research and you can donate money to them here: Cancer research


To be fair I didn’t read much this year. I finished off my favourite book Shantaram in February and then that was such an epic book that I had to take a little break. Read Half Life by Roopa Farooki.

Rather delayed I read the absolutely brilliant books by Khaled Hosseini – The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Wonderfully written books, so much description and attention to detail. Must read for everyone! I have just started A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry which I envisage will take me until February to read when I go on my first ever trip to the motherland (well Mumbai and Goa)

Radio 1 Experience


Priya Mulji at radio1
Priya Mulji at radio1


On Sunday 12th December I paid Yalding House a visit! This is where BBC Radio 1, 1Extra, Newsbeat and a few BBC Asian Network programmes are broadcasted from.

A while ago I applied to be part of the Tinsel Takeover on Radio 1. On Christmas Day Radio1 hand over to listeners and give them a 15minute slot and let them do whatever they want. My idea was to cook a wholesome chicken curry and they loved the idea! Especially as on Christmas people will be cooking turkey so the leftovers could be used to make a nice turkey curry.

Do tune in! I will keep you updated as to what time the broadcast will be made. It was very exciting as little things like that excite me. For some people going on holiday is exciting but for me sitting in that studio, recording and hearing myself was super exciting for me!!! Who knows which celebrities have walked where I walked.

From my child hood I was bought up on a good dose of radio. Mum used to work from home so in my teens I remember the radio being on while she was on her sewing machine. I used to like listening to the radio at night. Then at uni I switched over to radio 1. After uni I didn’t listen to it much until I got my first car. I started listening to the radio in the mornings and lunchtimes. Then I got my new job and invested in a DAB Radio as was alone at my desk all day so it keeps me sane. I listened to a lot of Adil Ray, Nikki Bedi and Nihal but ever since Adil and Nikki left I just listen to Radio1 all day. So being in that studio and not just at someone calling into Nihals debates is Uber Exciting!


I did a wonderful writing course at South Nottingham College for 10 weeks which was another highlight of my year. I actually got to realise that I can write about more than singletons, real life and romance. I can write fantasy and childrens stories!

I met some wonderful people on this course and I hope to continue writing and utilising my passions!

Watch out for part 2 of my 2010 review

Priya Mulji…x

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3 thoughts on “2010 – Part 1

  1. Concert stuff sounds great!! I love a r rahman. and shreya’s voice (she’s annoying on twitter). Jimmy Carr!! jealous!

    re: dating, why don’t you want your parents to introduce some guys to you? that’s one of the advantages us asians have! as long as they dont choose for you, then it’s great! all i get is the odd phone number here or there that’s all.

    ohh wow 15 mins on radio! hang on, you cooked something? on radio?

    I used to love talk radio stations. there’s one actually called talk radio (now changed to talksport). wonderful debates. but that was pre internet days.

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