The Teenage Girls Guide To Looking Beautiful – New Article For Nottingham Eczema Support Group

As many of you know I  suffer from Eczema. When I was a teenager it was really bad and got out of control. Even to this day I have phases where it flares up. I have recently become involved with The Nottingham Support Group for Carers of Children with Eczema and this is my second guest blog for them. I wanted to tell teenage girls they were beautiful because we all need to be told we are beautiful, especially when you suffer with eczema. So I put together a few tips in ‘a teenage girls guide to looking beautiful!

Thanks to Mala and Lia for their help on this! I really value your input 🙂

Article as follows:

Ok, so I was about 14 when my eczema got really bad. Mother was in a frenzy. Nobody knew what to do and everyone was stressed out because I was stressed out. My poor family. GCSE’s were approaching so that added extra stress. In all those moments I just wanted someone to hold me and give me a tight hug and say you are beautiful. Don’t worry. Don’t stress. Relax and stay beautiful.

So as a sufferer and survivor I’m going to share with you some tips to look great even though you might not feel like getting out of bed. I guarantee you will feel wonderful and you will leave that house with a smile on your face, a swagger in your walk and looking a million dollars!

Imagine it is a lovely sunny Saturday morning, no school = no stress. Yes so you have woken up scratching and itching. It’s hard to ignore, I know, I have been through the worst of the worse but believe me but it does get better. Let’s imagine it’s not there though.

First thing I want you to do is go to a window open it and take a deep breath inwards. Close your eyes and imagine you are far, far away. On a warm beach, the breeze in your hair and palm trees surrounding you. Sometimes things are easier said than done but just for a few minutes imagine that you don’t have eczema, that your skin is soft and beautiful. Now open your eyes. Everyone who knows you see’s beyond the eczema and don’t know you as Priya the girl with eczema’ they know you as ‘Priya the funny, smart, gorgeous, free willed girl’.

Read the rest of the article here:

Let me know what you think…

Priya Mulji…x

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