Holiday Update – 1

Apologies for the lateness in the first blog post after my return from my holidays… (seems like every work email I have written over the last couple of days has begun “Apologies for the delay in replying”)

Ok so my holiday begun like this…. BG and I had a little all nighter as our flight took off at 7.15am from East Midlands airport. Had a lovely brekkie at EMA yum yum!

So we arrive at our hotel, The Riadh Palms, and were made to wait about 3 hours before our room was finally ready and even though everything the receptionist said was with a smile I was still sooo annoyed and just wanted to freshen up! Finally we got our room high up on the 6th floor and it was worth the wait… the room was meant for 5 people so was huuuuuuuge! We had an amazing view of the sea! So was lovely to wake up to the sounds of crashing waves and sparkling views…

Locals were nice although some of the women gave us dirty looks (clearly jealous of our beauty haha) and some of the men were slightly pervy but ah well might aswell enjoy the attention as I aint gettin much of that here!

The first day we headed straight for the Serenity Spa where we were SCRRUBBED and when I say SCRUBBED I mean SCOURED like a Brillo Pad scours a saucepan. We then sat in a Tunisian steam room with dirty men for about half an hour and then had some seaweed mask put all over my body I had ‘everything’ massaged by a very smiley woman! It was lovely and I felt like a glowing Princess afterwards

Anyway thats enough for today.. another update will follow maybe in a few days

PS, I have tanned but I dont feel as glowing as I did… pooooo!

PPS, I’ve attached a pic of me in my Matalan/Sarah Jessica Parker Dress which I have previously blogged about so you can see the lady in action – by the way both cocktails are not mine! 😉

Adios x

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