Update 2 -Safari Park, Zulu Evening & Quad biking

Our lovely rep Karim who had amazing English and was alright looking for a Tunisian bloke talked us into visiting a safari park. There would be a South African Zulu show with a 4 course meal so he didn’t need to talk us much into it! We wanted to check out the local areas and sites and I cannot say no to a 4 course meal.

The Safari Park was really lovely saw some amazing Pink Flamingo’s and other wild animals and I had my second ever camel ride,  BG was a bit traumatised by being ‘man-handled’ onto the camel however we made it on and off the camels without exposing ourselves too much.

The Zulu show was a completely cultural experience. There were traditional Zulu dances and singing, Belly Dancers and an opportunity to play music with the Zulu singers which I grabbed with both hands. The 4 course meal was full of Tunisian specialities. I developed quite a liking for a local delicacy called Brik which is similar to a big Samosa but thinner, wider and was filled with Tuna and vegetables. Yum yum need to find a restaurant that serves those! Any suggestions?

At the ended we all danced together and reluctantly made our way back to Sousse. On the coach we befriended this lovely ‘Aunty and Uncle’ (indian people call all elders aunty and uncle they don’t know…haha) they were lovely and were very happy to learn we were Indian (‘oooooohhhh’ was their reactions when we told them). At reaching the hotel we ate again (blame the food for the weight gain during the week).

The next day, after the Safari Park and Zulu Evening, we embarked on the adventure of quad biking and what an adventure it was. Up some remote dirt beaten tracks and on main roads where cars were flying at us from each and every direction. Madness!

The guide guy who was leading the quad bikes I think had developed a little liking for BG and I and gave us his phone number and said ‘lets go clubbing’! Clearly, we did not phone him and pretended we were 19 year old sisters and our parents would not be happy for us gallivanting with strangers – mmmm!

We were quad biking for 2 hours and so we took hourly turns at driving. My driving left a lot to be desired and the guide kept calling me ‘crazy driver, crazy driver’ and asking me to slow down but I was really enjoying giving BG a heart attack haha! None the less we did make it back in one piece after a little stop off for a Coca-Cola and Boga (the Tunisian version of Sprite) – I apologise BG for nearly killing you, Love you xx

After quad biking I felt I had more dust on me than one of the trees we had seen on the beaten paths so settled down for an afternoon of reading by the pool.

Thats enough for now so enjoy a few pics…. more to come soon x

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