I’m back!

Hey everyone

I am back from my adventures in Tunisia….. just about! Still haven’t recovered even though there was no time difference… I am going to tell you about the adventures over the next 5 days as there is a lot to tell so let me tell you this for now.

On our return journey the doom and gloom of the ash cloud totally freaked us out! The night before my  holiday buddy BG had a BBM saying the ask cloud  was back! 10 minutes before take off I had a call from my friend MJ telling us East Midlands airport was closed from 1pm-7pm and our flight was due to take off at 1140am! The pilot then informed us we would be flying to Newcastle, which is a fair distance from East Midlands airport! An hour later we were told we’d be flying to Stansted which we thought wasn”t too bad but we finally ended up  at Birmingham airport – (now landing there, that was an experience!) finally a coach arrived to pick us up and took us to East Mids… but i’m back…and I was told I was missed a little which made me smile…

I have uploaded pictures to my Facebook so you can check them out here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?id=512483117&aid=177387&s=0&hash=48cf988bebdbb9e885231523b7df507b

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