He Said..

I love writing. I love songs. I love poetry and I was going through my collection and came across something I have written a long time ago and always loved, so I thought I would share it with you:

It’s called:

He Said

He said i’m beautiful

He said i’m kind hearted

He said i’m a free spirit

He’s not you

I can’t tell you how i feel

But I want you to know the feelings are oh so real

Amazing  things could happen

Just come to me and listen

Here I am writing you a love song

Kinda wondering  if i’ll ever be able to sing it to you

Kinda wondering if you will ever hear the words

Wondering all day long

Wondering all day and singing this song

Until then i’ll just think of the words, wishing it was you that

Said I was beautiful

You that said i’m kind hearted

You that said i’m a free spirit

You that said……………………………you loved me


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