Low-cost holiday hell!

So recently my friend K and I booked a holiday to Cyprus. We are obviously very excited.

But guess what – our excitement is short-lived! Low cost holidays have gone into administration. K has used the company three times before so at time of booking we had no reason to even consider them going bust.

But they have!

Leaving us with flights to Paphos but nothing else. We are the ones who have had to confirm everything. K only found out that they have gone into administration after an email from our transfer company. The flight company confirmed our flights. But we have tried to contact the hotel (Panareti Coral Bay), but guess what – no answer to email or on the phone. Also their recent Trip Advisor reviews aren’t great so we don’t expect them to contact us back.

So thanks Low-Cost holidays. Now we don’t know if we have a booking. I guess we’ll just have to sleep on the beach. Will keep you posted on further developments on the holiday front.


Ps, thanks Brexit voters!

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