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Summer is approaching (well we hope so!) and I have to admit I have been indulging a fair bit recently. So the thought of baring those legs and getting the bingo wings out is a little scary.

This can be especially daunting when you’re single. With this in mind, I was invited along by Virgin Active to their BEAUTIFUL Aldersgate gym where in conjunction with blogger Robert Nixon (read his blog Overdressed and Underprepared here) they invited us to try a circuit training class designed to promote positivity as a singleton. The class was hard but fun and I got to try some new exercises. After the class we had the chance to check out their amazing spa too which is definitely worth checking out.


Here are some pictures from the day:





As someone that regularly works out anyway it was great to try something different, especially when you are losing motivation and you just want to go and sit in a beer garden and drink gin and tonics! I have friends with varying levels of exercise regimes, some work out religiously and some enjoy long walks but I work out so I can eat what I like hehe!

However, it is hard to keep motivated so here are my 4 top tips to stay motivated;

  1. The worst part is actually going to the gym, once you’re there it is easier so JUST GO to the gym without even thinking
  2. A little exercises is better than no exercise, so if you can’t muster up the energy to go to the gym, a walk or a little yoga can work too
  3. If you’re getting bored, try something new. Get a PT, try a different class or go climbing – make it fun!
  4. Working out makes you feel good – FACT! So go for a little fat burning session before a date and you’ll be full of confidence and glowing before a hot date.


Thank you to Virgin Active for the invite and pic’s are courtesy of them x

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