Shit men do/say

Now I don’t write too many ranty posts about men these days but I currently feel compelled to. I’m just over a month away from turning 34 and even though finding a man isn’t the be all and end all of my life, I do date regularly in the hope that I WILL find love.

The age range of the men I date in around 30-38, so a fairly broad age range and there isn’t a particular race or culture I’m drawn to. I date anyone who appears to be ‘nice’ or ‘normal’ and isn’t intimidated by the fact I’m an independent career woman, who writes a blog/column and who has two careers basically.

Dating in your 30’s is honestly at the moment a complete shambles and I know fellow 30+ singletons feel the same and also experience similar situations.. So I wanted to share with you.

I still meet guys who are 37 but are acting as if they are 22. It’s not okay to live at home when you are 37. Not it is not! (With no intention of moving out EVER) Then say you are looking for something casual because you have been hurt in the past. Why are you on a dating site saying you are looking for a relationship anyway? Piss off, leave the people who genuinely want a relationship alone. We have all had heartbreaks (when you are single and 34 of course you have!) but it doesn’t mean that you stop trying, tarring someone with the same brush anticipating they’re going to hurt you is rude and disrespectful.

It is also not okay to do drugs. Totally not. You are a 31 year old man who owns a beautiful home, have everything going for you but when you put down my wine glass on the table with a shaking hand admitting to smoke ‘a bit of this and a bit of that’ when we know you’re probably on coke everyday – nope that isn’t okay.

Next we come to confidence. It isn’t okay to look down at the table pretty much during the date, I’m pretty good at chatting rubbish but if I’ve been chatting rubbish for the past 45 minutes, even I’m going to get frustrated. Oh, and at least offer to pay. Always.

Over on Instagram my real-life screen grabs of conversations and messages on dating websites/apps have created a storm – have a look for yourself.. they’re all real..

Just plain rude…

Before we even met

Least he’s honest on his profile… clearly will save money with me though!

Boob job

Apparently i’m too conservative… do you know who I am lol!


I’m not being anyone’s back-up plan


Have you seen your face anyway!


Clearly i’m Catfish!

I’ll take a free laptop… make it a MAC


Casual/friends…. being a shag buddy… no thanks

mr casual

I mean… I have no words

Multi date

Never heard of Shoreditch? And clearly needs to get out more..

Not heard of shoreditch

Now, this was just funny!


Package deal

I’m so memorable..

Pof match mistake

Someone needs English lessonsshy

LOL! Sikh

Who? What?Talking to the phone



There are the nice guys out there don’t get me wrong and these guys do need to make themselves known.

40+ men are the way forward.

Ps, none of these stories have been exaggerated and I don’t mind my rubbish love life providing entertainment. However they are all completely true.


Priya Mulji

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