An open letter from every broken-hearted girl

For a while I’ve been meaning to write this post. It seems really fashionable to write ‘open letters’ these days. From unknown people to Bollywood celebrities such as Deepika Padukone and Lady Gaga herself, everyone seems to be doing it, so here’s mine. It’s a letter, from not just me but every woman who’s continuously had her heart broken. By men. Guys. Boys.

Dear males

I write this from every single girl who, man, person who has ever had their heart broken. A lot of the time without and ‘real’ reason. We wanted to tell YOU, that when YOU broke our heart it was the most devastating thing in the world for us. It’s like a part of us that we envisioned living forever had died. It was hard for us to imagine how our lives would go on.

It’s hard to even begin fathoming our existence without you, but somehow we’re beginning to be okay after 1, 2, 3, 4 and even more heartbreaks. We cried. We wept. We spent way too much time in bed with endless amounts of wine, chocolate and crisps. With stupid, stupid rom com movies which just made us feel worse. And I mean Deepika or Katrina’s figures just made us feel even more shit about ourselves. And as if Katherine Heigl is ever going to have a problem finding a man.

Music also came into the equation and even though we absolutely love music sometimes even the most upbeat break up songs by Taylor Swift just made us feel shitterer (yes it’s a word – I made it up okay!)

In the danger of man bashing here it’s your fault that we are like this and I speak for every woman that has gone through a heartbreak. (Personally I am over mine but it doesn’t get easier the next time at all).

I’m sorry but it’s so easy for a man (it really is) you can date, charm a woman, make her fall in love with you, get her into bed and then dump her a few months later without a shred of remorse. You say you’re sorry but we’re sorry you made us the psycho bitches we are.

After so many heartbreaks/shit dates/time-wasting men do you even expect anything less?

This girl who gave herself completely to you, in the hope that YOU, you seemingly amazing, wonderful, man is finally the one who will give us that one thing that we lack – love and companionship but no… We’re left on the floor, while you happily move on.

And of course it’s never your fault. It’s never your fault you couldn’t see a long term relationship with the girl, especially not after at least date 5. You had to decide this 4 months, 6 months, a year, 2, 3 even 4 years. Nope you couldn’t see anything further than your own vision.

We don’t wish anything bad on you, we really don’t but just consider your consequences when you’re not sure about your feelings towards a girl. As early in a relationship as possible tell the girl, if you’re not sure about your feelings, fucking tell her. You’re a dick head for not. Don’t just block her on WhatsApp/iMessage/email/iphone. Actually tell her and be fucking honest. Its good karma for god’s sake.

Yours sincerely

Every broken-hearted girl in the world x

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