Oi, Fatty!

(Apologies for the sweary blog)

I recently read the article that went viral about a guy basically making a girl feel like SHIT because he thought she was too fat, too fat to fancy and he actually told her that. I know exactly how she feels and it really got me thinking.

If you know me at all I’m pretty curvy, I do go to the gym regularly but I also really enjoy my food. I’m one of those people who works out so that I can eat and drink everything I like (well, in moderation). Problem is, as you get older your metabolism slows down and as a single 33 year old I really wish I had the body I had when I was 27. But that isn’t fucking happening now is it.

I’ve put on a few pounds recently and living in a city like London, and especially working in Shoreditch where beautiful food is available in abundance, it can be tough on the waistline. At home I generally eat healthy eating chicken, salmon, veg etc but I do indulge in the odd mac ‘n’ cheese ready meal and enjoy my carbs.

Asians can be the worst

Comments do get me down though, like when people say ‘oh, you’ve put on a few pounds recently.’ Also Asians can be the worst like when they say ‘hey jaadi (jaadi means fat girl in Gujarati) even if it is said in jest, well, it can be quite upsetting. I recently joined up at a new gym and I have decided to try some different classes like kick-boxing (fantastic for anger-release!) in an effort to shed the pounds and eating extra-healthy but sometimes you got to face it when you know as hard as you try sometimes you’re just not going to lose the weight you want to instantly. I’m not unhealthy, I rarely order take out – I’m just fucking curvy! It does get me down and I do wish I had a smaller waist, smaller boobs, a perkier ass, skinnier thighs etc etc – BUT I BLOODY LOVE FOOD!

And then we come to boys!

When I read said article it really made me think. I know so many guys who openly wouldn’t date a ‘bigger’ girl and that is fucking ridiculous! A woman’s personality is not going to change but the way they look will, and here is a revelation – dude, yours will too! More and more men are becoming pickier because let’s face it – there are more single women than men. It’s like my friend Bina says, it is like a candy store for men.

Anyway, people before body shaming someone or judging them on the way their bodies look just think about how it is going to make you, a member of your family or how it would make a friend feel.


Priya Mulji

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