Give A Gig – 11th December 2014

Ever since I was a kid I was taken to live music events and shows. My parents were and are huge Bollywood music lovers and my dad went to the same school as Freddie Mercury (as every person from that generation who was born in Zanzibar probably would have). From Kumar Sanu to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. From Alka Yagnik to Kavita Krishnamurthi my parents used to take us to music shows from a young age. As I grew older my tastes developed and I continued enjoying concerts more.. I have been to so many different concerts.. The Black Keys, Kanye West & Jay-Z, Take That, Lily Allen, The Killers, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Lumineers, Beyonce and many, many more! I think that experiencing live music from a young age has made me appreciate it more today and I appreciate music from so many genre’s…

These days what I really enjoy is going to smaller, more intimate gigs and if it is for charity it is even better!

This Thursday the lovely Swaati is set to host ‘Give a Gig’ 


On the 11th December at 8pm, 4 artists with ephemeral melodies and a crazy experimental DJ, all with one thing in common – a love for music, will come together for a night of acoustic fused with ambient/electronic sounds.

  • Ross Lowe
  • Rita Morar
  • Swaati
  • Sachin Khetani
  • DJ Doni Brasco

Venue: The Miller – London Bridge

Date: 11th December. Music starts @ 8pm

Admission: £2/Donation

*50% of all money made will go to “Give A Gig” – an initiative run by Youth Music Charity, who fund youth music projects and provide opportunities for all children, teenagers and young adults, including those less fortunate.

I’m going to be there support artists as well as friends… who’s with me?

Priya Mulji

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