It is NOT a male dominated industry

Girl Power!

“If you want to change a whole people, then you start with the girls. It stands to reason: they learn faster, and they pass on what they learn to their children.” 
― Terry Pratchett

“who runs the world… girls” Beyonce


Now this is something that is extremely close to my heart. As someone who is constantly around strong, balanced, talented, brave women on a daily basis I recently saw a promotional picture for an Asian event. I am inspired by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Mindy Kaling and other strong women to make a difference, The promotional picture featured not even one female face when females are heavily involved with the event.

Why is this?

I put this question out onto social media and a number of people came back to me saying ‘it’s because the British Asian Music Industry is a male dominated industry’.

This infuriated me because I don’t know why they said this – there are so many talented and influential female role models in British Asian Media such as Rita Morar, Noreen Khan and Japjit Kaur. I even reached out to them to the people who organised the event but alas there was no response.

I started thinking about this more and more and it began to really get under my skin. If it wasn’t for women who work in the industry, the women who buy these artists music and go to their shows, if it wasn’t for their mothers and partners; none of these people would be where they are today.

Yet people continue to say the British Asian Music scene is male dominated.

I want to show you my examples of how women dominate wherever they go.. I reached out to my social media followers and asked them who or what they thought was an amazing example of GIRL POWER!

Here are a few:

Asjad Nazir said that her sister “Shaista Gohir is a definition of girl power”

Singer Keshiv Kaushal said “My Italian mother who married a Punjabi had to grasp Punjabi culture and be accepted by my father’s family. I forget she is Italian sometimes!”

Rita Morar said “Football coach Manisha Tailor is my inspiration – she goes out of her way to help everyone, she makes a change in society through helping women and racism in football. They are not easy subjects to tackle but her strength shines through her dedication. I have never known any other lady with such drive and energy.”

Broken Silences host Sanyya Gardez said she was in awe of “women like Oprah Winfrey, who have changed the definition of what it means to be successful. She never married or had children (the outdated notion of success for women). She stayed true to herself and remains one of the most powerful voices in the world.”

My personal heroes are people like my sister who manage a busy career and a family life, my best friend who manages a newborn, a career where she saves lives and family. Rita Morar who manages her own music career, who has a day job, who balances her family life as well as making time for her friends.

When I hear such backward notions as ‘it is a male dominated industry’ it really makes me sad to think that such outdated thoughts exist. I recently met Japjit Kaur at the Asian Media Awards whom I went to see in a very touching play called Nirbhaya. It is based on the Delhi rape and will be touring again soon so please do try and see it. Even though we have never met before she was such a wonderful person. Japjit could have had the biggest head in the world, I mean her portrayal of the main victim in that whole situation was touching. It is horrible to think that things happen to women at the hands of those men but she was down to earth, inspiring and amazingly talented. How many men can say they have changed someone’s life like Japjit has with her portrayal of the victim in Nirbhaya?

Read more about Nirbhaya here



I’m going to leave you with this fact;

Noreen Khan’s show on the BBC Asian Network has achieved record listening figures for any show on the station. I love Noreen because she seems like one of those women whom I want to be best friends with and wish her all the very best at the Asian Media Awards. All i’, saying is that if that doesn’t show girls dominate I don’t know what does!


Priya Mulji


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