Asian Media Awards Shortlist Announcement

Life does take extraordinary turns. At the time some of those turns may not feel like they are for the best; like a relationship ending or losing a job. Many years will pass and you will look back at these moments and think about them, chances are that the turns that came were for the best. You will get a better job and even better partner.

In the same way this week I attended the shortlist announcement for the Asian Media Awards where I am nominated in the Best Blog category along with three other amazing blogs which are:

Look! A Singh

Asian Culture Vulture

The Red Notebook

I never imagined that this is where I would be, after the many years of staying in on a Saturday night because i’d chosen to blog and for covering subjects that perhaps in the Asian community people don’t want to read about but of course do happen. Or with the cyber bullying. My blog wouldn’t be what it is without the encouragement of people like Asjad Nazir who’s nominated for journalist of the year, and I want him to win so badly because he deserves it and I say that from the bottom of my heart.

You know what, I’m just sooo happy to be nominated. Each and every one of those blogs is great in its own way and on the night we will all be celebrating together as winners!

I started my blog on a whim, I’d just gotten dumped and enjoyed writing so started writing (even though at times I have faced negative comments, backlash and cyber bullying). One of the most inspirational things about announcement night was Yasmin Alibhai-Browns speech. She said that you had to be brave in media, that she gets death threats and she doesn’t know if she will have a job the next day. That she writes what people don’t want to read… but that is the truth. ( I got super excited when she followed me on Twitter!) I really felt that she is someone I really aspire to be like, such a brave woman and if I can achieve a smidgen of what she has i’d die a happy woman! Probably single, but happy! And that makes everything worth it.

No matter what happens, whether I win or not, I just want to wish everyone the absolute best and that whatever happens we will party together and celebrate on the night!

Asif Zubairy told those gathered, “It’s an achievement in itself to be nominated for an award tonight and I congratulate all nominees from online, print, internet bloggers, PR experts as well as old school media like radio and TV whether you win or not.

“Being successful in the media requires creativity, dedication and – in my experience – a lot of long hours.

“In focusing on doing the best job possible, it’s easy to get consumed by the ideas, the look and sound of what you’re working on and the effect it has on the public so I’d just ask everyone in this room to remind the next generation of media superstars of their roots: they’re not just media superstars, they’re Asian media superstars.”

View a full list of nominations here.

Visit the Asian Media Awards website here 

A few pictures from the night:

Me and Asjad Nazir
Me and Asjad Nazir
Having fun with singer Rita Morar and Japjit Kaur who is the star of nominated play Nirbhaya
Having fun with singer Rita Morar and Japjit Kaur who is the star of nominated play Nirbhaya
Yasmin Ali-Bhai Brown
Yasmin Ali-Bhai Brown


The main event takes place on 28th October at the Hilton, Deansgate Manchester. I wish all the nominees all the very best!


Priya Mulji


Yasmins picture courtesy Asian Media Awards website.

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