Interview with Author Bekki Pate

It is wonderful when you have a talent for writing and even better when you have the chance to share this with the world. To get caught up in a whole different world full of  where imagination takes over with characters, fantasy and story telling is something phenomenal! I recently reconnected with a wonderful writer Bekki Pate whom I used to work with. She is on her way to becoming a world famous author and I really wanted to have a little chat with her. So here is what we spoke about:

Bekki tell us a little about yourself..
I grew up in Nottingham and recently moved to Cannock in Staffordshire. I have been writing all my life and my latest books – The Fragment Trilogy – are my most ambitious and the work I am most proud of. I work full time in admin, and in my spare time I love reading – I am really into Stephen King at the moment.

How did you discover you had a passion for writing?
I have always written fiction, ever since I can remember, so it was just something that always was, rather than something I discovered or fell into. It started with silly ghost stories at school, and then a few crappy teenage novels that make me cringe. Finally, this book was written and I am immensely proud of it.

Where did you get inspiration for your novel?
I wanted to write a book about strong characters, and I have always loved horror and paranormal, as well as romance, so something that encompasses all these things was the basis for my story.

Bekki Pate
Bekki Pate

You’re very close to getting your first novel published? How do people go about pre-ordering?

The book sadly will not be published unless I can get a good number of supporters for it. All the supporter needs to do is click here:

Then click the “pre-order” button fill in the delivery details and email address – That’s it! The supporter pays nothing until mid September when the campaign ends, and that is ONLY if I am published. The book is £8.99 and with that the supporter gets: a signed copy of the book, a FREE bookmark and their name listed inside the book as an official supporter.

How did you go about speaking to people to get your novel out in the public domain?
I created a facebook page and set myself up on Twitter and tried to reach out to as many people as possible. It’s been a steep learning curve for me as I really didn’t know anything about marketing, so it’s been fun and emotional. It’s also surprising and humbling that I have had so much support from people.

Without giving too much away tell us a little about the story…
It’s rather dark and gory – not for the faint-hearted! But alongside the disturbing basic plot, emerges a love story, a story of friendship, of loss and mystery, and through the perspectives of three different protagonists.

What’s next for Rebecca?
I am currently drafting chapters for a fourth book, as well as sending a few short stories to creepy pasta. I have also entered into the Costa Short Story Awards, so fingers crossed!


I’d like to thank Bekki for her time and wish her all the success in her future writing career! Do let me know if you purchase the book and what you think of it!


Priya Mulji 

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