Shai Hussain interviews Farhan Akhtar

So, we all know I have a mild obsession with Mr Farhan Akhtar.. Last week he was in town at the London Indian Film Festival taking part in a screentalk which was an amazing experience to hear him talk about his life and his work so far… interestingly my friend Shai Hussain managed to catch up with the man himself so of course I had to share the interview with you!

Farhan Akhtar Priya Mulji loveliff
Farhan Akhtar Priya Mulji loveliff

“Last week, Farhan Akhtar – director, producer, actor, musician, writer, poet, philanthropist – visited London to partake in an evening Q&A at the Southbank Centre. We had an opportunity to speak to him beforehand and used our limited time with him to gauge how his mind manages to focus on so many things at any one time. The conclusion? One thing at a time…Read the rest of the interview here ”



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