Wild Food Cafe – Review

Food – 5

Service – 5

Ambience/location – 4.5

Website: http://wildfoodcafe.com./


It was a sunny Wednesday evening in Covent Garden when I was making my way to Neals Yard to visit a restaurant I had been intrigued by for a while. I knew this was going to be an experience unlike any I have had before so the way I have written this review is slightly different from others. I could go on and on about the flavours, smells and textures of the food at the Wild Food Café forever but I’m going to share with you everything which I thought was absolutely unique.


Laverstock Beer & Organic Wine - Wild Food Cafe
Laverstock Beer & Organic Wine – Wild Food Cafe
Olives - Wild Food Cafe
Olives – Wild Food Cafe


Located above bustling Neals Yard The Wild Food Café is the mastermind of Joel Gazdar where wild, organic, vegan food is blended to create an explosion of unique flavours in the food they serve! What struck me from the beginning was the almost village like vibe with tables of laughing, joking, happy people. Gemma Arterton has even been known to frequent the place!

I met with their manager Andrew Holloway who has been at the Wild Food Café for just over a year and the cafe has been open for 3 and while I was visiting Andrew began to tell me about the philosophy behind their food. He believes foods heal and all their food is made with fun, celebration, appreciation and above all Love (which you know I am a big fan of!). They source their food from local places such as Borough Market, get their dairy products from Neals Yard Dairies and their food is mostly Vegan.

Moving onto our meal I started off with a glass of biodynamic, organic red wine (Novas Gran Reserva 2010). This was a luscious, deep Pinot Noir and complemented the food which I was about to taste perfectly. My guest had a Laverstock Beer.

We started with some fresh green and black olives which are marinated in oils and herbs by the chef. It seemed that every olive had a different taste and that is something I have not experienced before.

First of all my most favourite thing on their menu which I had tasted and had never even heard of before or had even imagined was the Coconut Cheeze (yes it is spelt like that!), this was tangy, rich and actually not too coconutty.

Coconut Cheeze & Halloumi - Wild Food Cafe
Coconut Cheeze & Halloumi – Wild Food Cafe


Next we tried sundried tomatoe & sunflower seed crackers which weren’t your average cracker! They were soft, flavoursome and left a nice taste in your mouth.

The halloumi cheese was fresh and tasty but not at all salty like some halloumi can be.

The I Love Ewe was unpasteurised Neal’s Yard dairy sheep cheese, caramelized onions, Dijon mustard, gherkins & tomato – it was like an organic sandwich of tastes exploding in your mouth!

All the foodie delights at Wild Food Cafe
All the foodie delights at Wild Food Cafe


The Wild Pizza is a raw pizza containing coconut cheeze, wild sea purslane & basil pesto, raw cultured tomato & goji berry marinara, Turkish olives, artichoke hearts and avocado. Totally yummy and this is a dish which will appeal to everyone visiting, especially kids as the colours and textures are absolutely beautiful and you can get stuck in with your hands and fingers.

Wild Pizza - Wild Food Cafe
Wild Pizza – Wild Food Cafe
I Love Ewe - Wild Food Cafe
I Love Ewe – Wild Food Cafe


The next thing I would highly recommend is the Ayurvedic salad served on a bed or organic lamb lettuce, wild rocket topped, amaranth, courghetti spaghetti, hijiki seaweed, slices of artichoke hearts, avocado, cucumber, red pepper cubes, finished off with coriander, rocket & parsely pesto, mango salsa, activated savoury seeds flavoured with leafy greens and spices, and marinated shitake mushrooms.

Ayurvedic Salad - Wild Food Cafe
Ayurvedic Salad – Wild Food Cafe


For dessert I went for the raw lemon cake which was extremely tangy just the way I like a lemon dessert and rich. My guest went for the raw chocolate and tart. For those who like organic food and chocolate this is a dream!


Dessert @ Wild Food Cafe
Dessert @ Wild Food Cafe

We tried other dishes but this blog would go on for pages if I told you about all of those but please do feel free to contact me if you wanted more details.

Overall the Wild Food Café was a delight from start to finish, every dish is unique and I have never tasted raw, vegan ingredients like this (and my mum is a vegetarian!) for those of you who are thinking….’well…. I’m not sure if I’ll miss meat or not’ just give it a go… you will be pleasantly surprised. The Wild Food Café is a must visit place!


Priya Mulji

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